Service Experience Modeler

The Service Experience Modeler is where a contact center administrator sets up an agent or self-service experience workflow. Working with mostly product management and at times engineering we had to decided how the user was going to add human steps or automated steps to jobs, map values to the steps, branch to different jobs based on this data mapping, assign users and groups to jobs, along with much, much more. The first day I was brought in it took 6 hours to explain was going to be built using Ajax like software from WaveMaker.

The visual design for this section was completed before I was brought in. Being that it was a completely new feature we needed to decide how the user interacts with the steps once they dragged it in onto the canvas; starting from simple single click, double click and right click options to complex branching. For example, single click meant the step was highlighted and the user can move it around on the canvas, double click brought up the step data mapping section shown here at the bottom of the screen. The user than selects what type of data mapping they want and proceeds to where they select a previous step to map to.